We won! Congratulations to all of the fans who bid! :)

If interested please e-mail me as soon as possible. Thank you! The auction is October 24th. :)

There is an Entertainment Memorabilia Auction through Butterfields on October 24. There are five pieces of clothing worn by Victor in various movies up for auction in the Hollywood Costume sale. There is a pair of black wool pants from Red, Hot and Blue, navy blue wool tuxedo pants from Wabash Avenue, a two piece tan green and rust glen plaid suit from My Gal Sal, and a charcoal wool with black satin trim suit coat from My Darling Clementine. The Estimate is $600-$900 for the five pieces. It is lot 3727. To view the info go to Butterfields and then click on the Entertainment Memorabilia link and then click on the Hollywood Costumes link and you will be able to find Victor's costumes. I will link directly to the photo below. I was wondering if there would be some fans who would like to bid on these items. Five fans would be the ideal number because then each person could have one piece of clothing. If you're interested please e-mail me at: (preferably) or as soon as possible and let me know the maximum you would like to bid. I can then combine all of the bids evenly and come up with the total bid. Also e-mail which item you'd most like. We can then work out the details etc. Thank you!