Vic One Million B.C.

One Million B.C. is one of the most requested Vic movies that fans ask for when trying to find various Vic videos. I thought that a good idea for a Contest would be to give away a copy of the movie One Million B.C. on video. This is a COPY of the video that I have that was originally taped from the Sci-Fi Channel. Since it is a copy of a movie from t.v. it is not perfect commercial quality but is good quality. Most of the commercials were not edited out. It's a classic and a favorite of Vic's fans so if you'd like to win a copy just enter this simple contest! :)

To win this contest tell me: What is the name of Victor's first movie? Just e-mail me your answer and in the SUBJECT line type "CONTEST". On September 30, 2001, I will draw one name out of all of the entries to decide the winner. Good luck! :) Make sure and enter to have a chance to win this classic movie with Victor and Carole Landis!

Very sorry, but this contest is currently only open to residents of the United States and Canada because of high postage prices to mail videos to other countries. Later contests with other prizes will be open to all countries.