Captions taken from fan magazines from the 1940s and 1950s.

Photo 1 - Something new in the way of fan mail reached Victor Mature on the RKO lot, where he's making Walk Softly, Stranger (Gambling House). He shows his leading lady, Terry Moore, the letter accompanying the record on which a fan told an original story for films. Vic's current movie is the tale of a racketeer who learns to become a patriot.

Photo 2 - As the Biblical hero who was the victim of history's most famous hair cut, Vic (Samson) Mature finds modern methods more comfortable. Before starting his next demonstration of power, Mature relaxes with this up-to-date gadget, getting a trim for Paramount's cameras.

Photo 3 - Vic and Lucy joke around on the set of their latest movie, Interference (Easy Living).

Photo 4 - Vic and Genius on the set of Wabash Avenue in Genius' own dressing room. :)

Victor Victor

Vic and Lucy Vic and Genius