Taken from a fan magazine from 1942

Victor spent six lean years in Hollywood before he got the nod from the producers.  But he was never one to whine.  Not with that cheerful disposition.  He took a bus out to Pasadena, where he convinced Gilmor Brown that he should have a fellowship entitling him to free tuition in the Playhouse Drama School.  By that time Victor, who only had $41 when he left Louisville, was down to exactly eleven cents.  His mother and father were spending the summer in Michigan, and Victor was supposed to join them there.  Dreadfully in need of a little cash Victor composed what he considered a very subtle wire:  "Dear Dad, I find myself sidetracked in Hollywood with only eleven cents in my pocket.  Love, Victor."  And early the next day he received the following answer, "Dear Victor, Mother very disappointed you are not coming.  Forty-four years ago I came to this country and had five cents in my pocket and could not speak a word of English.   You have six cents more than I had and you can speak English. Love, Dad."   May it be said that Victor never again did try to snare a loan from his father, or anyone else.  He has always lived on what he made, and when he made nothing, he lived on nothing.